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Oil and gas exploration

Our goal is to partner with companies and individuals to help evaluate and complete Oil and GAS Acquisition and Divestiture deals

We can help you gain a competitive advantage?

Gathering accurate information about oil and gas projects isn't something that you can find in a simple internet search, especially, in the petroleum industry. It takes knowledge of where the data can be found and how it can be obtained. The data then needs to be mapped & interpreted which then can lead to an investment recommendation with an associated confidence level.

investing in oil & gas

 Our aim is to work with  oil and gas operators, individuals, consulting firms and financial groups to de-risk oil and gas investment projects and to help acquire or dispose of the assets. 


Riviera Unconventionals, LLC has 18+ years of oil & industry experience in the upstream sector and is looking to partner with companies where our oil and gas evaluation and acquisition strategies align.

About Us

We're now a Colorado based company with a primary focus on assisting with acquisitions of oil and gas properties. We are looking to partner with high net worth individuals, working interest holders, operators, investment groups and venture capitalists who have parallel views and similar financial goals.

About Us

About the owner: Tim Rathmann is a petroleum geoscientist and entrepreneur with 18+ years of international and domestic experience working full-time and as a consultant in the oil and gas industry. He holds a Bachelors degree in Geological Sciences from the University of California Santa Barbara as well as an M.Sc. degree in the Computer Sciences. He's an experienced hydrocarbon explorer, finder and developer and has current knowledge of the latest oil and gas industry's finding and extracting technologies. He is knowledgeable on international finance and taxes from living/working in the US, Australia and England. His international experience includes working on projects in both conventional and unconventional reservoirs around the world.

We believe that the  oil and gas sector is where energy sustainability will continue to  exist, globally, especially since the price of oil is slowly rising again. We have a passion to protect the environment, promote renewable energy technology programs and mentor and support a younger generation.

Our Services

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